jor_gridRip free extension for WYSIWYG Webbuilder
extension and code: jordan (6j6)
• 2016
jor_gridRip is a powerful tool build to work in combination with WB  14 LayoutGrids
It allows to hide/reveal LayoutGrid content in a vertical accordion style
jor_gridRip is highly adaptable and allows for many different setups and uses
NEW**! - in jor_gridRip3.0 - three powerful extended options for LayoutGrids
- 2 (toggle) triggers (by WB Text/Image) to open/close a hidden LayoutGrid
- option to hide multiple LayoutGrids - create group/collapse control
- option to close a LayoutGrid - (=invert to open grid)
- option auto focus the active LayoutGrid - (=auto scroll to active grid)
- option return - scroll to specified grid after the active grid closes
- animation speed and easing
- NEW**! v2.0 - smart content loader (=loader image)
- NEW**! v2.0 - callback on load/open/close/focus/hide
- NEW**! v3.0 - EXTENDED OPTION - maintain equal columns height for (fluid) grid
- NEW**! v3.0 - EXTENDED OPTION - set independent parallax speed/direction/limit for selected grid columns
- NEW**! v3.0 - EXTENDED OPTION - maintain full width background for grid (=counter max-width)